Friday, November 26, 2010

"Morocco and Europe : Six Centuries in the Eye of the Other" Exhibit on Tour

Here is a short piece from the official mouthpiece of the Moroccan government on an Exhibition that has just opened at the national library in Rabat. It is touring several countries and is supposed to make it to New York City eventually.
We are also posting info on the exhibition itself from its website.

Prince Moulay Rachid inaugurates exhibition on six centuries of Moroccan, European history

Rabat - Prince Moulay Rachid inaugurated, on Wednesday, the touring exhibition of "Morocco and Europe, six centuries in the eye of the other", held at Morocco's national library (BNRM) under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI

On this occasion, Prince Moulay Rachid visited the exhibition's shelves which include documents, books, engravings, paintings, jewelry, and other items relating the history of Morocco with Europe from the end of the 15th century up to now.

Produced by the Moroccan-Jewish Cultural Center (CCJM) and the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), this exhibition, which achieved much success in Brussels, will be open for the Moroccan public till December 31.

It will later on tour other countries mainly France, Netherlands and Spain.

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The project of organizing an exhibition on relations between Morocco and Europe has been germinating in the Center of Judeo-Moroccan Culture (CCJM) for some years. It has now taken on particular relevance following the agreement signed on October 13 2008 between Morocco and the European Union. Though relating solely to trade, this agreement does provide a starting point for reflecting on the ebb and flow of relations between Europe and Morocco in historical terms.

The project described below supports an approach aimed at sustaining reflection on the processes of exchange and of promoting intercultural dialogue, revealing values shared by Morocco and Europe
Looking back at the deployment in time and space of exchanges and influences between Morocco and Europe enables better understanding of this singular story whereby Morocco is the only Muslim country in partnership with Europe to this day. Through the tracks left by diplomats, travelers, painters, writers, craftsmen and populations overall, the history of relations between Morocco and Europe permits better awareness of the sources of today’s two-way influences and at the same time improving awareness of the realities of emigration and altering perception of it.

The exhibition also provides realization of a Moroccan identity which though open to the world nevertheless retains its specific character. This identity expresses itself today, for example, in the productions of contemporary Moroccan artists and in the Moroccans’ recognized ability in both the commercial and cultural domains.

Through its links with the past, the exhibition aims to eliminate the clichés of the present, thereby developing better awareness of relations between Morocco and Europe so as to encourage mutual respect and dialogue from one shore of the Mediterranean to the other...

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