Sunday, November 1, 2009

King inaugurates Qur'anic School in Eastern Morocco

Here is an article from the official voice of the Moroccan government, MAP, on the opening of a Quranic school by the king M6. It's interesting how all the cards in the deck get "played." And please note the caveat the begins " while taking into account the contemporary changes...." Perhaps one day the believing religious people will be left alone with their religion and the journalists with their journalism without the government feeling the need to "shape" everything.

HM the King inaugurates Koranic school in eastern Morocco

Ferkla essoufla - HM King Mohammed VI inaugurated on Friday the "Imam Nafia" Koranic school in the rural commune of Ferkla Essoufla (province of Errachidia, 482 km southeast of Rabat).

The educational facility, worth some 2.82 million dirhams ($385,000), spans on an area of 2,000 square metres, and includes classrooms, two rooms for Koran memorization, an IT room, a library and other administrative spaces.

The school will provide a mutli-disciplinary training in sharia, while taking into account the contemporary changes requiring openness on modern sciences and foreign languages.

The school has a capacity of 245 students for the 2009-2010 academic year, an average of 30 students per class.

This institution is designed to contribute to spreading religious knowledge and teaching students the authentic values of the Islamic religion, including tolerance, rectitude and moderation.

The province of Errachidia counts over 7000 students enrolled in 154 religious education schools and institutions.

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