Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Message in a Bottle from USA Coasts to Morocco

Here is an article from a small paper in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina about a bottle with a message that was sent by people from North Carolina that washed up on a beach in Morocco.

Message in a bottle dropped off Carolina coasts to Morocco

by Staff
Monday, April 12, 2010

A message in a bottle dropped off the Carolina coast in 2008 was found last week by a couple in Morocco. On April 7, the couple e-mailed Cape Fear Community College that they were walking the beach in Tangier when they found a message in a plastic bottle from students enrolled in CFCC’s Child Development Center dated June 5, 2008.

The students created the bottled message as part of a school project. At the time, one girl’s father was an instructor on board a CFCC Marine Technology research vessel. He took the message in the bottle on a voyage and it was dropped into the Atlantic’s Gulf Stream about 60 miles off the coast of Charleston, S.C.

The finders, both Spanish instructors from Valencia described the way they found the bottle.

“We were on our way back to Spain after spending almost two weeks traveling around Morocco. We decided to pass the last night at Grotte d'hercule. In the afternoon we had a walk around just to stretch the legs, because we spent eight hours driving.”

When they arrived at their campsite on the beach, they saw the bottle floating in a small lagoon beside the sea. Even though the bottle was very dirty, the paper inside was white with big green letters and very easy to read.

“We felt some curiosity, because it wasn't written in Arabic. We can’t believe that it came from the USA . . it is something that doesn't happen . . . very often!! Once in our village, Valencia, we searched the Internet and the address of that college in Wilmington.”

The couple who are studying to become biology teachers said they valued the experience created by the schoolchildren to whom they replied: “Dear friends, when we find your message we were in a very special trip, visiting a very different country, people and culture. Travelling is the best way of opening the mind, to approach cultures and eliminate prejudices. And the finding of the message showed us that we are not so far (away) as we believe. Thanks a lot and greetings from Maite and Julio, Valencia (SPAIN).

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