Saturday, October 3, 2009

$30 Million to Deliver Weapons to Royal Moroccan Air Force

Just trying to keep it real. Here is an Associated Press article from the Boston Globe about a recent purchase of military paraphernalia for the Moroccan Air Force. I honestly just wonder on whom do they plan to use all of this weaponry. I also wonder how some people quiet their consciences enough to sleep at night. Many questions.


ORLANDO, Fla.—Defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. said Thursday it has inked a $30 million contract to deliver precision targeting systems to the Royal Moroccan Air Force.

The contract includes integration support, product spares and logistics support.

The Sniper Advanced Targeting Pods will fly on the Royal Moroccan Air Force's newly purchased F-16 block 50 aircraft.

Packaged in a single lightweight pod, the Sniper ATP's enhanced image clarity provides long-range positive identification of targets and real-time targeting, Lockheed Martin said in a statement.

The Royal Moroccan Air Force will take delivery of the pods over the next two years.

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