Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding of Prince Moulay Ismail

I am not much into celebrity watching, but here is an article about the recent wedding of a cousin of king M6. Quite interesting dynamics. Interesting phrase being used to describe the royal family, "show their attachment to their ancient traditions." Humm.

Wedding of Prince Moulay Ismail of Morocco
September 29th, 2009

Prince Moulay Ismail of Morocco celebrated on Saturday, along with the royal Family, his marriage to Miss Anissa Lehmkuhl. Festivities started on Friday with the traditional marriage ceremony at the Royal Place of Rabat in the presence of King Mohammed VI, the Royal Family and the bride’s family.

This was followed by a private party hosted by the King and his wife, Lalla Salma, in their private residence, Dar Essalam. The wedding ceremony took place on Saturday at Moulay Abdullah’s residence, some 1800 guests came to greet the young prince and his bride. Among those guests were Cécilia Attias (ex-wife of French President Sarkozy), Sheikh Khalid Ben Talal of Saudi Arabia (cousin of the groom), a son of Zaid Ben Soltan of the UEA, ambassadors of Germany and France, and some other Moroccan and foreign personalities.

Earlier this week, a statement published by Maghreb Arab Press, from the Ministry of Royal Household, announced Moulay Ismail’s engagement, and explained that the marriage would be in total accordance with the traditions observed by the Cherifan Royal Family. In fact Moulay Ismail’s wedding was another opportunity for the Morrocan Royals to show their attachment to their ancient traditions.

Prince Moulay Ismail is the youngest son of the Late Prince Moulay Abdullah, the younger brother of the Late King Hassan II. He studied at the Al Akhawayn University in Morocco before he start a successful career as a businessman who owns some very successful projects both within and outside Morocco. Miss Anissa Lehmkuhl is originally from a German-Muslim family, her parents Omar and Amina Lehmkuhl converted to Islam when her father worked at the German Embassy as a military attaché to the Embassy.

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