Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Spain - Morocco Tomato Affair

Here is an short article about(delicious)Moroccan tomatoes and how they are causing a controversy in the world of import/export. It seems as if neither Moroccan people nor Moroccan produce are wanted in the European Union.



28/07/2009 13:09

Growers from all main Spanish tomato producing regions (Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia and the Canary Islands) joined in the Tomato Committee of FEPEX (the Spanish fruits-veg exporters' federation) accuse Moroccan exporters of not paying all requested import taxes for the tomato volumes they've traded in the EU, while the European Commission is blamed of failing to take action over this situation, thus threatening the future of Europe's tomato sector.

Actually, FEPEX - that will submit the complaint to the European Ombudsman - argues in a statement that the missing import taxes has meant a 24.1 million euros loss for Europe, as well as serious cuts in the price of tomatoes of European origin when the Moroccan season could supply cheaper products.

The federation asks the European Ombudsman to make sure that the EC takes action against Moroccan “fraudulent” exports, which don’t respect Morocco's Agreement of Association with Europe, they say.

Moroccan tomato imports to the EU have considerably increased in recent times, improving from 191,310 tonnes in 2004 to 305,542 tonnes last year, according to FEPEX data.

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