Saturday, March 28, 2009

May God Have Mercy on AbdelKebir Khatibi: The Passing of a Great Moroccan Intellectual

I know that I am late with this news, but it still touched me and I wanted to acknowledge the passing of AbdelKebir Khatibi more than a week ago in Morocco.
I first read his book, Love in Two Languages, more than ten years ago while living in Rabat.

Here are a few links to the news about his life and death. This one is about the royal condolence Khatibi's family received from the king of Morocco.

The following is from the Maghreb Arab Presse, the official Moroccan news agency:

Abdelkebir Khatibi dies at 71

Rabat - Moroccan writer, sociologist, and university scholar, Abdelkebir Khatibi, died early Monday at the age of 71 from heart complications in a Rabat hospital.

Born in the Atlantic city of el-Jadida in 1938, Khatibi studied sociology in Sorbonne University, France.

He held a number of academic positions including professor in the University of Mohammed V, Rabat, director of the former “sociology institute of Rabat”, and director of the University Institute of Scientific Research.

Khatibi was also a novelist and poet, with special focus on Maghreban literature. He wrote a number of books, notably "La Mémoire tatouée",1971 (Tattooed Memory), "L'Art calligraphique arabe", 1976 (The Arab Calligraphic Art) and "Le Roman maghrébin", 1979 (Maghreban Novel).

Late Khatibi was awarded several international prizes, including the "Grand Printemps" by the l'Association française "hommes de letters", and the award of literature by the second Lazio Festival for Europe and the Mediterranean.

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