Sunday, August 3, 2014

Morocco' s new vocational high school degrees (baccalaureate)

Here is a piece from Magharebia on the new vocational baccalaureates launched in Morocco.
Its too bad, information science  or library science wasn't considered because there is definitely a need for it.

Morocco launches vocational baccalaureate

By Siham Ali in Rabat for Magharebia – 23/07/2014

Beginning this September, Moroccan high school students will be able to choose a baccalaureate tailored to the job market.

Degrees will be offered in industrial maintenance, mechanical and industrial engineering, the aircraft industry and agricultural management.

The new school year will also see a bac in Spanish, and three schools in Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier will also offer accredited classes for a baccalaureate in English.

The new degrees are designed to deliver employment options and open up Morocco to the global economy, according to Education and Vocational Training Minister Rachid Belmokhtar.

The training aims to ease young peoples' transition from school to work, "especially as the business areas covered by the degrees are growth areas for Morocco", Belmokhtar said July 3rd at the programme's launch event in Rabat.

It will also ease future baccalaureate holders’ integration into the labour market, while still offering them the possibility of pursuing higher level studies, he told government officials and representatives from the General Confederation of Moroccan Businesses (CGEM).

The minister pointed out that the training was set up in response to a request by industries for candidates with a clearly defined set of skills, Belkmokhtar said.